As you know, Little Rascal Reviews are big fans of Cuddledry and recently reviewed their fantastic Apron Towel – Giraffe Print, a must-have for new parents, and now we’ve gone completely dotty! As if their existing range of baby and toddler towels, robes, sun protection, beach towels and gorgeous bath accessories (phew!) weren’t enough, they’ve just introduced the new pink polka dot collection which is perfect for your “everything must be pink” little ones.

cuddledry apron towel pink polkacuddledry2cuddledry3





Careful it’s catching…you will now find a bath apron (£32.99), Cuddlebug toddler towel (£34.99) and Cuddletwist hair towel (£8.99) completely covered in polka dots! Now I’m all for not gender stereotyping so would happily use one of these for my boys but not sure they’d forgive me when I brought the photos out for their 18th Birthdays!

However, Cuddledry has a habit of thinking of everyone (yes, they’re a lovely bunch :-) ) and so in conjunction with, and exclusively for, Mothercare they’ve also added a more muted ‘Coffee and Cream’ apron towel (£29.99), hair towel (£8.99) and a Little Bear poncho towel (£27.99) all available from Mothercare online and in selected stores. They are as chic and sophisticated as they sound.

cuddletwist john lewis

If you just must have an exclusive product, the Cuddletwist hair towel (shown above) has been made with a special Ecru/Gingham trim exclusively for John Lewis. I think it’s for the best if I don’t venture back into John Lewis for a while, my credit card couldn’t take it! Apparently the stretchy fabric means they’re large enough to fit adults too…hooray! In the absence of baby girls or boys with long enough hair, I’d absolutely love one of these and it would certainly put an end to the wet pillow when I decide to have a little lie down after my shower *usually I swap it with OH’s before bed though*

cuddledry5Does your baby have ideas of grandeur? Then why not start them off on the right path with a limited edition ‘Royal Crystal Cuddledry’ a limited edition diamante studded bath apron? One would certainly look tremendously regal sporting it ;-) In honour of the Royal baby, it’s available for a limited period direct from Cuddledry’s website for £39.99.

As is our Super Blogging duty, we’ll be keeping you up-to-date with further exciting news and products as they’re released *says out loud to self feeling like important news anchor* so watch this space!


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  1. Amy says:

    These products sound great – just about to order one!

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