Harry Jack Adventure Pack JETPACK

Harry & Jack’s JETPACK Adventure Pack Overall Review Rating (5 out of 5 Stars): We simply can’t find fault with our JETPACK, it’s fun, incredibly practical and easy for R to use. 

Harry & Jack’s is the brainchild of Stay At Home Mum and entrepreneur, Emma Williams. She designed the JETPACK, which is Harry & Jack’s very first Adventure Pack, following a present request from her eldest son which left her unable to find anything to fit the bill. The idea behind Adventure Packs is not only to provide children with a functional and attractive backpack but to ignite their sense of adventure whether they’re off on a trip, to school or just to the park.  We were really pleased to be reviewing the JETPACK as we no longer had anything suitable now that R’s too old for toddler backpack/reins combo. 

Harry & Jack JETPACK Adventure Pack

It’s really quite unique. There are a lot of childrens backpacks on the market printed with a TV/film character but they’re all pretty dull and the same uninspiring square shape. Alternatively you have the mini backpacks, like the Lindam Funpack Harness, many come with toddler reins for young toddlers but I haven’t yet found anything I’ve been impressed with or indeed anything quite like Harry & Jack’s Adventure Pack JETPACK. With its clever 3D design the rocket tanks on the back easily open out providing extra space for treasure, R calls it his “Spaceman bag”.


It’s really captured his imagination and is used as much as a toy as it’s used as a bag. As R now has his own idea of what he needs to pack for any occasion, and likes to be in control with easy access to everything himself, the JETPACK is perfect. At 30cm long, 40cm tall and 13 cms wide, it holds a vast amount of stuff (and this is without packing it to its limits). Today our JETPACK Adventure Pack is packed with; R’s water bottle, lunch bag, packet of wipes, suncream, sunglasses, sunhat, 4 toy cars (of varying sizes), a large Ducati motorbike (not to scale!), spare trousers, socks and t-shirt and last but not least a slinky…but of course!

Harry and Jack Adventure Pack

It also has a grab handle at the top so can easily be carried by a parent or hooked over a buggy handle. The Adventure Pack’s main compartment is a zipped one as are the JETPACK rocket tanks, which means it can happily be taken with R on playground adventures and turned on its sides and upside down without fear of anything falling out. R can pop his water bottle in the dedicated external water bottle pouch, complete with drawstring. This simple idea saves me a lot of time now the weather’s warmer and R’s asking for his water every 5 minutes, as he can simply grab it himself without having to open his JETPACK each time.


To add to the experience, and to help R get into his Spaceman character, it also has a detachable wrist strap with which he can pretend he’s able to fire his rocket tanks or activate his imaginary rocket boots! As the wrist strap has no sounds or actual functions, as a parent I feared this element of the bag was a little gimmicky but R has no such complaints and enjoys strapping it onto his wrist each time the bag comes out (and often when it doesn’t too!).

Harry & Jack Jetpack Adventure Pack

R takes his JETPACK to Pre School and it easily holds a spare change of clothes, his water bottle and packed lunch with plenty of room to spare. Usefully, our JETPACK Adventure Pack is very distinctive, which means it’s easy for me to spot and grab in the Pre School pick up. It also has handy reflective elements on the rocket packs and the front of the straps (pictured below), which is great for a child’s visibility in the darker months (if you’re looking for a hi-viz child’s vest check out the Motionfox Turtle).


The recommended age range for the JETPACK Adventure Pack is from 3-6 years which seems about right as it would likely be too large on a 2 year old’s back. The shoulder straps are adjustable to ensure a good fit. It retails at £29.99 which seems like a reasonable price for a well made, practical and attractive bag and only marginally more than Pacapod’s much smaller offering for younger children, the Changer Toy Pod at £24.99 but the JETPACK is much bigger and has greater longevity as it will last R at least 3 years (and hopefully then for L too who’s currently looking longingly at R’s JETPACK!). The Adventure Pack is available to purchase direct from the Harry & Jack’s website or from Amazon (same price on both sites).

R took his recreation of the moon landing very seriously!

R took his reenactment of the moon landing very seriously!

2014 will see the launch of more Adventure Pack designs so keep your eyes peeled!

Little Rascal Reviews was provided a Harry & Jack’s JETPACK Adventure Pack for the purpose of an honest review

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2 Responses to Review: Harry & Jack’s JETPACK Adventure Pack

  1. WallyMummy says:

    He looks like he loves it! lol x too cute ;) xxx

    • admin says:

      He does and insisted on going to pre-school wearing the control panel on his arm this morning! Thanks for commenting x

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