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Cosatto Scootle Overall Rating (4.5 out of 5 stars): Eye-catching design, safe, comfortable, easy to use and good value for money.


I was not the only excited party, the morning our new Cosatto Scootle Spectroscope car seat arrived; jumping up and down excitedly screeching “What’s in the package?! What’s in the package?!” and that was just me shouting at the courier. The unique Spectroscope design (or “stethoscope” to a Doc McStuffins obsessed 3 year old!)  is unmistakeably Cosatto in all its funky glory. With a retro 1960s psycadelic feel to it, it really cheers up our rather drab black leather car interior. But if these far out Spectroscope stripes just aren’t giving you the right vibes maaaaaan, the Scootle’s also available in Red Bubble design (pictured below).

cosatto red bubble scootle car seat

Cosatto continues to set the trend for unisex designs with the Scootle, as increasingly parents search for less gender stereotyped items for their children. We’re also fans of the funky All Star design of Cosatto’s Shuffle Tandem Buggy and Giggle Travel System. This is not only beneficial for resale but also for later usage with any siblings. R loves the shape of the Scootle and refers to it as his “racing car” seat…brrrrrooooooommmmm!

Age Range

The Scootle is what’s known as a “Group 1-2-3″ seat so is suitable from 9kgs-36kgs. If, like me, you haven’t had either of your children weighed in longer than you care to remember (they’ll mark this in your red book you know! ;) ),  I’ll put you out of your misery, this translates as from approximately 9 months to 12 years old. This is almost certainly the longest lifespan any of product I’ve bought either of the boys,  as they’ll have outgrown all their bikes, beds, clothes, toys, etc within this same period.


The Scootle is compatible with standard 3 point seat belts (not lap belts). There are two ways to ‘fit’ this seat in the car, both of which are forward facing. The first is in Group 1 mode (9-18 kgs/approx. 9 months-4 years), the second in Group 2 & 3 modes (15-36 kgs/approx. 4 to 11 years). If you’re going to be using the seat in Group 1 mode, as we were, then I’m pleased to announce there is absolutely no assembly involved *mops brow*, you simply remove the protective plastic packaging and it’s ready to fit, it was incredibly easy.

I simply threaded the shoulder strap of the seatbelt through the groove at the side, then fed the lap belt portion through the hidden section under the car seat (known as the belt guide), which means R isn’t sitting directly on any portion of the belt. Owing to the way it’s secured, I experienced very little movement in the seat once the belt’s been done up and pulled taught, which is exactly what I’d hope for performance-wise. I’m worried to report there’s far more movement in Baby L’s Maxi Cosi Pearl on its Isofix base.



When you look at the seat, it actually looks comfortable with its soft material and thick padded seat covers. The padded and curved head support puts an end to all those crooked neck sleeps I so often glimpse in my rear view mirror. This is a huge improvement for R as he was previously in a rather sad, unpadded and ancient seat. As you can see in the above picture each strap comes with lovely soft padding to prevent them from digging in. The only criticism I have of the padding on the crotch strap is that I found it is so big and soft that it sometimes made locating the harness awkward as it would slip down inside it, so I’ve removed this padding.




The Scootle’s intelligent design whereby the side wings and headrest adjust to fit with your child (there are 5 headrest positions) mean that you don’t have to complete the time consuming task of regularly unthreading and rethreading the harness straps through preset holes every time there’s a growth spurt, you simply squeeze the lever at the back of the headrest and then raise or lower accordingly. There are also 2 backrest positions and when using the set in Group1 mode there’s also a seat base support to adjust the angle of the seat base (see pictures below with and without the seat base support activated).



The seat weighs 7.9kgs which is lighter than it looks so it pretty easy to carry in and out of the car. I also prefer seats like this that are secured with seatbelts so that I can easily move it between vehicles for grandparents, etc.

The covers are washable so unless, unlike me, you’re really disciplined with the ‘no food in car’ rule then you’ll definitely be grateful for this. The Scootle has a 5-point safety harness with a single quick release buckle which works well and is hard enough to operate that R can’t operate it himself. The list-making, sock-drawer organising part of me also loves the fact there’s also a dedicated safe spot within the seat in which to pop the instruction manual! However instructions are also available via Cosatto’s website here.


Guarantee & Where to Buy

As with all Cosatto products, if you register your product online within 28 days of purchase you have a 4 year guarantee which provides peace of mind.

You can buy the Scootle direct from Cosatto’s website for £180 and also from other reputable online retailers. I think most people are aware that good quality car seats don’t come cheap and the Scootle’s no exception however, you can use it for around 12 years and I’d much rather pay for peace of mind in a brand name I trust. For me Cosatto is such a brand and complies with all applicable European safety standards.

Overall, R would like to give the Cosatto Scootle his Spidey seal of approval!

spiderman approves the cosatto scootle spectroscope

Little Rascal Reviews was provided a Cosatto Scootle free of charge for the purpose of an honest review. 

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