This review will be published in two parts; this first installment covers the performance of the system in pram mode for babies from birth to 6 months/9kgs and the second as a pushchair, for babies from 6 months old to toddlers up to 15kgs. There will be some overlap in the reviews as certain features are applicable for use in both modes.


Little Rascal Reviews was fortunate enough to be provided a gorgeous Cosatto Giggle Travel System for review. Having viewed Cosatto’s unique range of funky colourways (something the Cosatto brand is infamous for) we opted for the All Star, one of Cosatto’s dazzling new patterns for Spring 2013 and I think you’ll agree it really is eye catching and stands out from so many other ‘boring’ buggies you see on the high street. I also love the fact the All Star design is unisex, so is perfect for those buying their first buggy who might have more children. I was torn between this and the stunning Treet design.

cosatto giggle all star travel system review packaging

Boxes of Joy!

Assembly – After unpacking the single and very compact box, which is shown on the right in the photo above (the other box on the left in the photo contains the infant car seat), I managed to set up the entire thing single handed…this may not sound like much to you but I’m notoriously bad at assembling things, IKEA instructions send me running for the hills! The instruction manual is very clear and is was simply a case of unfolding the chassis, clicking the wheels into place and securing the base of the carry cot. The only bit requiring any elbow grease was fixing the carry cot base, which although very straightforward, required some pulling! Having said this you’ll only need to do this during initial assembly.

Bits & Pieces – Included in the box is; the chassis (cleverly colour-coordinated with the buggy), infant carry cot, seat unit, footmuff, adaptors for the car seat (sold separately to the buggy), raincover and changing bag. You really do get a lot for your money with this travel system, as many manufacturers sell many of the items included here as optional extras…although I don’t think a raincover can really be considered ‘optional’ in England!

cosatto all star giggle review

The entire kit & caboodle!

The previous single-child travel system I used with R (before Baby L was born) was a 1st generation Bugaboo Cameleon. This had a single frame that you either set up to be used in carry cot or pushchair mode. The advantage of this was that there was no separate frame to store however, it meant that it was a lengthy process to switch between the carry cot and the pushchair. Whereas the Giggle comes with separate frames; one for the carry cot and another for the pushchair. This means that you can easily switch between modes if you have an older child who needs it as a pushchair for the day, it’s as simple as clicking one off and the other on (a task requiring no more than a few seconds). This is a massive advantage for childminders who look after children of different ages.

cosatto giggle all star carrycot mode bassinet

Folding/Unfolding – I can’t emphasise enough how easy it is to fold and unfold. Note that chassis does not fold with the carry cot attached. To collapse you simply pull up the small levers on each side of the handlebars whilst simultaneously pressing the safety button on the right handlebar (next to the right hand lever) and push forward until the autocatch locks into place. To assemble from folded, simply release the autocatch and unfold in a single movement and you’ll hear it click. Once folded the chassis is very compact, owing to its clever 3-wheeled triangular shape and I imagine you’d easily fit it into most car boots with no problem at all. You can also tilt the handlebar 180 degrees, making it even narrower (you can see this in the “down” picture below).

cosatto giggle all star chassis


cosatto giggle all star chassis

…and down

Weight - It’s advertised as “light as a feather” and at 9.85kg in carry cot mode (chassis 6.1kg, carry cot 3.75kg) it really is! I was managing to separate the carrycot frame from the chassis, collapse the chassis and lift both pieces into the back of my car, which has a high tailgate, with absolute ease, 2 days after having had a caesarean section (I’m not advocating this as a postpartum keep fit regime though!)

Quality – Everything feels and looks of a very high quality and the detailing with the patterns is wonderful. The inside of the carry cot, mattress and the inside of the hood are also patterned. The Giggle Travel System comes with a 4 year guarantee which should provide you with piece of mind in the unlikely event something breaks/needs replacing.

Carry Cot Features – The carry cot can only be fitted in parent-facing mode, which is perfectly standard for carry cots. The bumper bar/carry handle makes it nice and easy to move around and has a detachable washable cover. One bugbear I’ve always had with bumper bars is that usually you need to remove the entire thing in order to get baby in and out but if you remove it completely you can’t easily lift it on or off or carry the carry cot around! However, Cosatto has cleverly made this bar side opening, allowing you to quickly release one side and once baby’s in, simply click it back into place. This is a single handed operation, ideal when you’re holding baby in the other hand.

cosatto giggle all star bumper bar gate opening

Open sesame!

Now that the sun has finally chosen to make an appearance, it’s comforting to know with a very young baby that the hood offers UPF 50+ sun protection. Used in conjunction with my pram curtain it’s really very dark inside the carry cot when you need it to be, combined with the foam mattress (washable cover) this makes it perfect for occasional use as an overnight bed, saving valuable space in the car on those weekends away…I should be so lucky!

The hood of the cot also has little fabric hooks immediately on the underside which are specifically designed as ‘toy hooks’. This is such a great idea given that attaching them to the bumper bar (the normal solution with other buggies) makes it nearly impossible for baby to see them. This simple but very clever feature should give you an idea about the attention to detail that has gone into designing this system.


Just hanging around…

Ride Quality & Manoeuvrability – It’s very easy to push, even single handed and its light weight makes it easy to turn. It’s also narrow so perfect for navigating around town. It can be quite bumpy if used off-road i.e. on potholed country tracks, but it should be remembered that the Giggle is not specifically intended as an all terrain buggy e.g. the Bumbleride Indie Twin.

Matching Changing Bag – As previously mentioned, a matching changing bag is included as an extra with the pushchair. I was surprised at the quality of this bag which comes complete with coordinating changing mat and perspex bag for dirty nappies. It wasn’t the afterthought add-on I’d expected but rather a really lovely bonus. You can wear it as a shoulder bag or hang it over the handlebars (as shown in the picture) but it would be really useful if some buggy clips were provided, or available as an extra, so that you could clip it to the buggy and remain hands-free.

cosatto giggle nappy bag all star change bag changing bag

Sexy “It” bag

cosatto giggle all star change bag changing bag nappy bag

Storage Basket - Given the compact nature of the travel system, the storage basket is surprisingly roomy. There is also very easy access to the basket in both pram & pushchair mode. Often it’s common to find you have restricted access to storage baskets when using travel systems in carry cot mode (as was the case with my Bugaboo Cameleon).

cosatto giggle storage basket all star review

Car Seat Mode – With each Giggle colourway available, you have the option of purchasing a matching Group 0+ car seat (birth to 13kg/approx. 15 months). The travel system comes complete with the adapters you need to mount the infant car seat (sold separately) onto the chassis. This permits seamless transportation of baby between the car and the buggy which allows you to let sleeping dogs babies lie! The adaptors fit very easily onto the chassis and the car seat just clicks into them with no trouble at all. After owning the Bugaboo and performing exactly the same operation with that buggy and a Maxi Cosi Pebble I found it very difficult to get the seat on and off the Bugaboo adaptors as they were very sticky but this was a dream. I think it helps that all the pieces in this case are made by Cosatto so are designed to work together. The very lightweight (2.9 kg) of the car seat itself undoubtedly helps with getting the seat on and off especially when the baby’s in it, compared to the rather heavyweight 4.1 kg Pebble! It also helps when you’re trying to carry baby about after a c-section!

It’s great to finally see a car seat with a funky design. People spend hundreds of pounds on their buggies and the second they pop their plainly coloured car seat onto their plainly coloured chassis they suddenly have a completely generic, usually black, buggy. So with the coloured chassis and seat combined, it still carries all the distinctive features of the Cosatto Giggle All Star even in car seat mode. Since publishing this review for the first time, I’ve discovered an additional benefit of the bright pattern so thought I’d update. For any of you who follow me on Twitter (@LittleRascalRev) you may have seen my panic that we took Baby L for his 8 week check and he’s not easily tracking objects like he should be so we’re trying to give him added stimulation with high contrast patterns etc. Well, when we went out on Saturday he spent ages engaging with the bright star pattern on the inside of the carrycot hood. So it turns out that there is also a developmental benefit to the striking design too!    

cosatto giggle all star car seat review

I’m so pretty

cosatto giggle all star car seat review

The padding is removable and washable and most importantly, Baby L finds it very comfortable. It’s also very easy to fix in and out of the car. Perhaps a bit of a gamble but the first time I used this car seat, a taxi was picking me up and I had my fingers crossed I didn’t have any issues fitting it (whilst watching the meter go up and up!) but thankfully I had it secured in under a minute and off we went. Easy 5 point instructions are printed on the side of the seat (very handy when you’re on the go).

cosatto giggle all star car seat review

Raincover – The raincover comes as standard with the pushchair and is very easy to quickly fit, which is important in the event of a sudden downpour! It’s lovely and large when fitted, completely covering the carry cot but also compact when folded and so can be stored in the storage basket when not in use. A minor adjustment that could be made is that it doesn’t have an ‘easy access’ flap whereby if you need to, you can reach in to touch baby or adjust blankets, etc. In order to do this you’d need to remove the raincover or fold a corner over.

cosatto giggle all star raincover buggy review

Foot Brake – My husband really likes the design of the foot brake in the middle of the chassis (I suppose this is about the most ‘technical’ element of the buggy!). Our previous travel system had its brake incorporated into the handle, which meant you needed a free hand to activate it. With kids you, more often than not, have your hands full so having a brake that can be activated/deactivated with one foot is a real bonus. It’s also a very strong and effective brake and I have a lot of confidence that once activated the buggy is going nowhere. However for some strange reason, I have managed to accidentally activate the brake on several occasions. Perhaps I have a strange gait as this hasn’t happened to my husband. I think this could be remedied if the handlebar could be adjusted more so that I was further away from the buggy or if the brake were positioned slightly to one side. It’ll be interesting to see if this happens again when I convert to pushchair mode. At the moment this is my only little niggle with the Giggle (sorry, I couldn’t resist!).

I’m already a HUGE fan of the Giggle Travel System in pram mode and at £400 for the buggy and £100 for the car seat, it’s looking like excellent value for money, given the (almost double the cost) price tag of some of the Giggle’s competitors. I’m looking forward to testing it in pushchair mode once Baby L is old enough.

Being the caring elder brother, R decided to give it a quick quality test and was suitably pleased with the results! As he’s currently the maximum size/weight limit for the system, I thought I’d let him have a go as he’ll be too big for it once we start testing it as a pushchair :-)

It’s Fantastic!

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The Cosatto Giggle Travel System (pushchair & car seat) was provided to Little Rascal Reviews for the purpose of review. 


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27 Responses to Cosatto Giggle Travel System – All Star (Part 1: Pram Mode)

  1. Grace Treanor says:

    Hi, can I ask if you have had any probs with this pram from writing review. I’ve read so many complaints about front wheel snapping and carry cot being too wobbly. I have this pram in the Treet and I’m apprehensive about using it now. My baby is due in 4 weeks

    • admin says:

      Hi Grace,
      Firstly Congratulations on the imminent arrival! In all honesty we’ve had absolutely no problems whatsoever and we use it regularly. Our carrycot is definitely not wobbly. The fixings that attach it to the chassis are very sturdy & secure in my opinion so I’ve never had any concerns about it not being comfortable or safe. There’s a 4 year guarantee with the Giggle so if you do have any issues you’ll be covered. Make sure that you’re not reading the same bad review in multiple forums. Good luck with everything, Marissa x

    • Terri Aldred says:

      Hello Grace,

      We are very sorry to hear of your concerns after reading negative reviews of our Giggle stroller. Please be reassured that as a responsible manufacturer we only place products on the market after successful completion of robust performance assessments and compliance testing to all appropriate safety standards. However, we do monitor all user experiences and complaints very closely and have reacted promptly at manufacturing following the small number of complaints of plastic breakage that occurred with early editions of this product. We are confident that any potential breakage issues have been addressed by this and that all product now available is completely unaffected.

      If you feel there is some movement in your carrycot we are happy to bring it back and take a look at it for you. If you have any further questions relating to this product please feel free to contact me on my direct line 01204 863537.

      Kind Regards

      Terri Aldred

      Cosatto Ltd

  2. Grace Treanor says:

    Thanks for getting back to me. I hope I am a lucky one and nothing happen my pram as i do love it but the amount of complaints flowing in on their Facebook page is crazy. I have copies of all complaints, even the ones that may have been deleted. Scary stuff when your thinking of putting a brand new baby into something which is potentially not safe.
    I put pram together last night. I love it so much, I have to say. Can you answer another query though. Does your carry cot part wobble while on the chassis – as in if you give it a gentle shake does it tilt slightly up and down from back to front. It’s nothing major but as a first time mum i don’t know if this is normal
    Thanks again for your help,

    • admin says:

      Hello again Grace. Yes there’s a small amount of movement on the carrycot but this was also true of my Cameleon when I had it so it’s normal in my opinion. I think there needs to be some movement to absorb the bumps, if it were totally rigid then baby would get a really rough ride! As I previously mentioned, there’s a 4 year guarantee so if you think you have a model with a defect (rather than the small movement you describe) it would be covered. If you need further reassurance though you should speak to Cosatto directly, they’re a very personable bunch! I’m always a little wary when there are no negative comments on a firm’s Facebook page as sometimes companies will remove any ‘bad’ posts, which it sounds like Cosatto doesn’t. Hope this is helpful. When are you due (must be soon now)? Marissa x

  3. ria morton says:

    I am thinking of buying this pram, i too am a first time mum and have been put off by lots of negative comments but there are also alot of good comments. Is there anyone using this pram at the moment with a new born baby. Our baby not due until Dec but looking to buy the pram soonish :) With the 4 year warranty, does this mean if anything goes wrong, mechanical wise it will be looked into or replaced if can’t be fixed?
    Thanks Ria :)

    • admin says:

      Hi Ria,

      Congratulations on your (potentially Christmas?) baby! I have been using the Giggle since my son was born in April and we love using it and haven’t experienced any problems. I’m afraid that as I don’t work for Cosatto, I don’t know the ins and outs of the guarantee but would imagine that if anything goes wrong then it would be covered otherwise I don’t see the point of the guarantee :-)

      If you need further assurance though you should contact Cosatto customer service directly as they seem very happy to interact with their customers.

      All the best for December

  4. Charlotte says:

    I’m having my second child and love this buggy I don’t want anything else but I need to no if I can attach a buggy board to it? Was wondering if you knew? Thankyou

  5. claire says:

    Hi, I was thinking the exact same as Charlotte, so could you also let me know if there is a suitable buggy board for this. Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Hi Charlotte & Claire – There may well be buggy boards on the market (Lascal?) that fit the Giggle Travel System, however the Giggle hasn’t been specifically designed for use with a buggy board and the potential impact that putting additional strain on the chassis will have on performance, safety etc. voids the Cosatto warranty. This is why Cosatto doesn’t recommend/suggest particular boards. I don’t suppose this means you can’t use one, just that manufacturers are trying to cover themselves as (understandably) they don’t want to be responsible for the effect third party products could have on their product. I’m happy to ask on Twitter though to see if anyone is currently using a board with a Giggle. Keep an eye on our tweets (@LittleRascalRev) :-)

  6. Michelle says:

    Hi, I would like to know the maximum size/weight limit for the system.
    And if the car system is suitable for every car models?

    Thank you


    • admin says:

      Hi Michelle – The age/weight limits are at the beginning of the post “pram mode for babies from birth to 6 months/9kgs…pushchair for babies from 6 months old to toddlers up to 15kgs”. There are Cosatto car seats available to match all the colourways in the Giggle Travel System range (the adaptors are included with the travel system). I’m not sure if you can attach non-Cosatto car seats to the chassis but will try to find out for you. I really like the Cosatto car seat as it’s MUCH lighter than my Maxi Cosi Pebble.

    • admin says:

      Hello again Michelle – As I suspected, the Giggle Travel System is only compatible with the Cosatto Giggle car seats.

  7. kelly says:

    When do Cosatto bring new designs out?

    • admin says:

      Hi Kelly I’m afraid I don’t know. I’m not affiliated with Cosatto and imagine they keep such things under wraps until they’re ready to launch :-)

  8. Lucie says:

    Hi just wondering if you’d kno.. If I buy cosatto giggle pushchair separately to the car seat would the adaptors come with travel system? Thanks

  9. Anna says:


    Can you confirm what colour is the Giggle All Stars? Navy or Black?


  10. Trish says:

    I’ve ordered this pram today but an worried after such bad reviews.
    Is this pram now safe ?
    Many thanks

    • admin says:

      Hi Trish,
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. My understanding is that there were a few buggies from a particular batch (made in 2012 I believe) where there were issues. Cosatto then issued a notice asking ALL buggies from that batch to be sent back for product improvement (despite not all being faulty). My buggy is dated Feb 2013 and was unaffected. I’m sure you’re going to be as pleased with it as I am. What colourway did you decide upon in the end, the All Star? All the best, Marissa x

  11. Alison says:

    Just wondering if anyone has had a problem with a very wobbly chassis? My cossatto is very wobbly and my poor 3 week old baby bobbles around the whole time, with her head wobbling from side to side :( Its almost as if there is a flat spot on one of the wheels, making the ride quality not very smooth! When I took it back to the store where I bought it they said it “was an acceptable degree of movement”!!!!???And that it wasnt the wheels but that it has to move slightly otherwise it would break!? Its not there child wobbling around though is it :( They wouldn’t refund me but did offer to send it off back to Cossatto but then I will be without a pushchair for a minimum of 28 days!!!! I love the pushchair and its so easy to use, but I hate they way it makes my baby wobble about so much, its just not right!
    Anyone any ideas what I can do? I just want a new base that is less wobbly :(

    • admin says:

      Hi Alison,
      Thanks for commenting. I’d contact Cosatto directly if you’re at all concerned with the movement. I have found their support team to be very helpful. My understanding is also that there does need to be a degree of movement in the chassis for suspension, otherwise it wouldn’t take any kind of movement from popping up and down curbs or riding over bumps in the pavement. However I obviously can’t tell you whether yours is ‘normal’ i.e. the same as mine as I can’t see it.
      Hope this helps somewhat. Marissa :)

  12. kate says:

    I just have to ask…….. is the pushchair and pram all one section? as I bought another pushchair and I had to store the pram section when I was using the pushchair section, I don’t have the room for that now and need something all in 1 apart from the carseat

    • admin says:

      Hi Kate – the carrycot and pushchair are separate i.e. on 2 separate frames. Which is great if you need to chop & change frequently but, as you say, not ideal if space is limited. All the best, Marissa

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