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Little Rascal Reviews was excited to be approached to review an innovative new baby bottle which seems to be causing quite a stir in the marketplace. mimijumi is a new company providing simple, safe and natural baby products. Their award winning bottles are designed to combat a breastfed baby’s refusal to take a bottle and/or to switch between breast and bottle, so particularly useful for those who are expressing breast milk, combination feeding or transitioning to bottle feeding.

The nipple is shaped, coloured and textured to more closely resemble a breast than many others on the market. It has an integrated ventilation system which helps to reduce colic. The bottles also have a handy non-slip base preventing them sliding across the counter when being filled and are also top shelf dishwasher safe. You can buy the 8oz (240ml) “Very Hungry” bottle for £14.99 and the 4oz (120ml) “Not So Hungry” bottle for £11.99 direct from mumijumi.

But that’s enough from me so please read on to find out how the Not So Hungry bottle coped when being put through its paces by our panel of testers.

Our first tester is Danielle Askins, a mother of 2 boys. You’ll find her “motherly ramblings”, craft and baking escapades at her blog The Handmade Mum:

Danielle askins

First off the packaging makes it a ‘stand out’ product compared to other bottles on the market, with simple, bright and somewhat elegant design. I get a bit excited when things come in nice packaging-it usually means the product inside is going to be just as brilliant. I wasn’t disappointed, the bottle itself is very well made, simple in design with an ergonomic shape. It is clear to see that the bottle has been designed to be as close to a breast as possible-even down to having a skin coloured teat.

The bright red lid and rubber (removable) bottom again make it stand out from the main bottle brands, the rubber bottom also helps when needing to make a bottle up one handed (which I am sure is something many Mum’s (and Dad’s) have had to do with a screaming hungry baby in the other hand) which I think is a great and very helpful idea! The bottles are BPA, latex and EA free, and exceed EU safety standards, they are also dishwasher safe (top rack) again helping busy parents. Because of the simple design I found them very easy to clean and use, especially with the teat all being one piece.

The only small gripe I had with the product was that the lid didn’t always seem to stay firmly in place, but once I’d fiddled about a bit it seemed to clip on and stay put, which isn’t too much of a problem but a pain when rushing about. I would certainly recommend this product to any new Mother, especially one who either wants to combination feed like I did with both my boys, or for those making the transition from breast to bottle. The bottles come in 8oz or 4oz sizes and different flow teats are also available.

Hands up in the air whilst being fed means he's a happy chap!

Hands up in the air whilst being fed means he’s a happy chap!

Our second tester, Marie Cully, is mum to a colicky 6 week old daughter:

I was very excited to receive this bottle as I believe trying new things is good for us all. Starting with the packaging, this is very pleasing on the eye tailored to resemble an old fashioned milk carton but with a modern twist I would certainly buy this bottle just from that first look as it comes with a brilliant ‘invitation to buy’. My first impression of the bottle after removing from box was “wow” it’s very trendy and would look good in anyone’s changing bag and I’m happy to be one of the first to be trying it out!

After being out for the whole day with my husband and girls I couldn’t wait to get in and prepare the bottle to try it out with my 6 week old baby. At first I was a little disappointed that it was only for 4oz/120ml bottle as since my daughter was approx 3 weeks old she has fed on a min of 5oz per feed, and have so far used two other branded bottles with a 5oz allowance in their babies first bottles range, although I’m aware that there is the larger size bottle I believe a 5oz would be more beneficial.

Following the formula’s instructions I made up the milk, the first downside is the teat, as it doubles up as the screw top you are handling the teat, the one piece that needs to remain sterile before the feed. I then tried to put on the lid and struggled as it slips about and you have to force it on the 2 very small lips inside the lid, it doesn’t secure at all. I then shake carefully only to be covered in hot milk as the lid is so poor fitting and milk leaks from the teat whilst you’re shaking to mix the formula. First feed included lots of sucking noises and squeaks from my baby as she tried to get used to the teat, after a few mins she was getting used to it and fed quickly and without the milk pouring out the sides of her mouth, this soon changed as lots of bubbles started forming in bottle therefore allowing lots of air to go into my babies tummy and make her spray the milk from the sides of mouth, we paused to wind her and she burped very loudly, we carried on until she finished the milk and again had a massive burp from all the wind she took in along with the milk.

After using the bottle for a few more feeds nothing really changed as we still have the same issues with too much air getting into the bottle and the lid is so frustrating as will not stay on…….although the bottle looks good, after being able to ‘try before I buy’ I would now not go out and buy it unless the design is changed to rectify the two issues. I will continue using the bottle but just for my baby’s water.

Our third and final tester, Jo Inglis-Lyons, is the owner of Baby Castings Direct:

mimijumi baby

First impressions:
Loved the packaging, made you feel the bottle is special, then I opened the box and I was not disappointed. I loved the way the bottle is curved and the bottom so you can close it one handed. Liked the look of the teat and the way the colour is more natural to the breast. I could not wait to use it. 
Filling the bottle up was problematic as you can not see the measurements very well. You have to pick the bottle up then pour in the water, which then makes it less accurate. 
I could not use the bottle for milk because the deal on the lid is not effective so you are unable to shake the bottle to mix the milk, therefore if you want to use milk in it it would have to be premixed. 
As I have mentioned above the lid does not seal properly so the bottle leaked all over my bottle warmer bag. 
I tried again the next day, and again came across problems. The teat is difficult at times to line up properly so leaks from around the teat. 
I didn’t think my son would like the slow teat as he’s on mediums but he seemed to suck on it ok. But the bottle just kept leaking from around the teat
  • Looks funky
  • Good concept
  • Too many leaks
  • Needs a lid that seals
 I would not purchase, especially when I found out the price. If all the problems were fixed I would use for my son’s water only. 

All testers were provided a 4oz Not So Hungry Mimijumi bottle by mumijumi for the purpose of an honest review. Their reviews have been published as provided to Little Rascal Reviews. 

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4 Responses to mimijumi – Not So Hungry 4oz (120ml) Bottle

  1. Claire says:

    Dr Browns bottles also have a vent system and so can’t be shaken. The Dr Browns website advises stirring and so we sterilise our soup spoons for this purpose.

    • admin says:

      I also tend to stir my bottles rather than shake them as shaking can introduce lots of air into the milk, especially if you’re feeding immediately :-)

  2. Jess says:

    I love these bottles! I didn’t have any problem with the nipple leaking? Not sure how that’s possible unless the lid was not screwed on properly.

    And I also found that, although there is a bit of a knack to it, the lid is very secure once it gets put on.

    My bub didn’t take anything so was over moon when he finally took these! :)

    • admin says:

      Hi Jess, we personally we didn’t try these as I had such a hungry son he would drink from anything so I didn’t feel we’d be able to say anything useful about them even if they had worked! Two of my guest reviewers clearly weren’t too impressed but I know some other people have also really liked these bottles where all others have failed. Thanks for commenting!

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