So, today was R’s first Nativity at his Pre-School and he was lucky enough to be selected to play the role of “Shepherd 3″. Ok, so it was a non-speaking part, but even as I type I’m having to restrain myself from putting his name onto RADA’s waiting list. Well…even the likes of Sean Connery and our local celebrity Dame Judi Dench had to start somewhere ;)

I was slightly disappointed to learn this was to be a traditional nativity with no mention of anyone playing “3rd Doormouse”, “Lead Carrot” or “First Cracker”! I was even more disappointed to discover that parents had to supply costumes. Being as capable with a sewing machine as a cobra is capable of childcare, I decided to let Tesco do the hard work and unashamedly went out and bought one. Whilst I appreciate this may not be considered very sporting and robs your little one of the photos that will surely make an appearance during teenage years of them donning tea towels and old bits of carpet, it did result in him matching the other two shepherds perfectly!

SONY DSCR took the gravitas of his role very seriously and could often be seen with his sheep and styrofoam staff pacing the house into the wee small hours aspiring to complete emotional identification with Shepherd 3; What is his motivation? What have been the main influences in his life that have made him the man he is today? Obviously this can take its toll and plenty of advent chocolates were required in order to sustain this level of dedication. I overheard tales of previous Nativities where Mary flatly refused to hold baby Jesus, the Innkeeper having an impromptu wee on stage and the Camel literally losing its rear end halfway through so I was really looking forward to R’s first foray into what was sure to be a blockbusting production.

R delivered an Oscar-worthy performance, walking off the stage, around the first two rows of chairs and back onto the stage again to hand a fleece over to the happy couple. I fear for next year’s Shepherd 3 as these are clearly a huge pair of acting boots to fill ;)  I did wince when he began fiddling with his belt tassels and decided that tickling the angel next to him in the face would be a fun thing to do. I also closed one eye when he decided to stick his fingers into the Donkey’s mouth and pretended he was losing a hand (much to the disgust of the little boy playing said Donkey). However, I was very proud when it came to the singing as he positioned himself at the front of the stage and belted out the tunes along with actions to rival any Butlins Red Coat! With the exception of Joseph quite rightly demanding his presents from the Wise Men (who walked straight past him forgetting to hand over their wares) and frantic waves throughout at the audience from the entire cast, all ran smoothly.

Perhaps my most shameful confession is that I didn’t require any tissues. Which as recent Facebook and Twitter Status updates would suggest, places me firmly into a cold-hearted minority. I really enjoyed it and can’t wait until next year!

Did you attend a Nativity this year? If you have any funny stories I’d love to hear them. Please leave us a comment at the bottom of the page.

The Wistful Look...

Watching over his flock!

I’d like to thank all the companies who provided incredibly generous prizes all in the name of raising money for the Pre School, which is a registered charity:



Cosatto for providing a fabulous Supa Noodle Highchair (The Yokels)






BabyBjorn for a gorgeous Baby Carrier Original






Pacapod for a stylish Almora Changing Bag in Highland Heather



Hobbledown for a Family Day Pass, Diggerland for an adult entry ticket, Cuddledry for a CuddletwistHalfords Redhill for a cycle helmet and Car Winter Essentials Kit, Juniors Kids Hair Salon in Merstham for a free kids haircut and other firms who donated prizes not via Little Rascal Reviews.

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